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Entrepreneurship Academy Tasks FG on Enabling Environment for SMEs

The founder of The Entrepreneurship Academy (TEA), Mr Olumide Emmanuel, has called on the Federal government to restructure its policy for entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs to thrive in the country.


He made the call at a pre-inauguration briefing of the Academy scheduled to hold from September 4 to September 15, 2017 in Lagos, where he pledged to empower entrepreneurs in the country through workshops and other financial complements to spur businesses. He said the inability of Nigerian leaders to create wealth was responsible for the habit of many engaging in looting of the treasury, which he said can be avoided by providing support for entrepreneurs in the country.

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Emmanuel, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Common Sense Group (CSG), said that as a country with the major challenges of corruption, poverty, unemployment and greed, there should be ways out of these challenges.


“A lot of people in the country steal money because they dont know how to create wealth, and they are afraid of the future. If our people know how to create wealth, they wont steal because they will leverage on their wisdom and opportunities to create wealth. When people know how to create wealth, they will know how to transmit and translate their passions, desires, skills and education into wealth. I believe that entrepreneurship is the key to solving the unemployment challenge in our country. Majority of our graduates graduated with a desire to get a job in a corporate organisation but the question is, who will create these organizations?” he said.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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