Does Hard work Guarantee Business Success?

Does hard work guarantee business success

I tell you what, it’s really depressing to see millions of hard-working people not being able to make a good living, seriously!

Why is this happening?

Now, picture these students working very hard preparing for “battle”:

  • Monday: Physical training
  • Tuesday: Sword fighting trainings
  • Wednesday: Sword and shield training
  • Thursday: Dagger and axe fighting
  • Friday: Warhammer fighting
  • Saturday: Horse riding fights
  • Sunday: Resting

Graduation day comes, time to celebrate!

“Graduates! You have achieved a major milestone in your lives. You paid THOUSANDS for this training… Are you ready for battle?”

“Yes Sir! We’re ready!”

Next day… reality kicks in. Time for battle!

“Okay soldiers, listen carefully… you were trained for this! Be confident! We will face the enemy moving forward!”

“Yes, Sir!”

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You’ve got your weapons ready?

“Yes, Sir!”

You’ve sharpened your swords?”

“Yes, Sir!”

Armor and shields ready?”

Yes, Sir! We’re ready!”





Not even a scratch to the enemy. DISRUPTED!

Rules have changed!

Welcome to the New Economy.

Hard work is NOT good enough anymore. It demands an additional ingredient:

INFORMATION to anticipate change.

SKILLS to adapt to change.

KNOWLEDGE to disrupt, and prevent being disrupted.

We’re in a new economy. The rules of work have changed. As I’ve explained before, I strongly believe that ignorance will be the number one source of poverty in the decades ahead.

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