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Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital Part 2

We started this episode last week with the Editing/Proofreading Business. If you want to get update on this series of Business You Can Start With Little or No Capital, Join our BBM Channel Here and be among the first to get these updates.


What will I be doing?
If you have skill or interest in interior decoration, you may want to consider operating a decorating service from home. Decorate what? You can design and decorate homes, offices, retail stores or other places where people live and work. And you can be paid well for doing what you enjoy.

There are thousands of full-time interior-decorating services in Nigeria, so there is a lot of competition. But a decorator that offers service and value to a defined group of customers can find success.


What will I need to start?
Of course, to start an interior-decorating service you must have both knowledge and experience in the field. That’s what you’re selling. The more you know, the more you can help-and the more you can make. So learn your trade with courses, books and practical experience as a decorator working for someone else.

Who will my customers be?
Your customers for interior-decorating service will be individuals, furniture stores, retail businesses, business offices and even churches. Specialise in serving the decoration needs of a specific group of customers where your skills and interests are strongest.

Once you’ve defined who your customers are, finding them will be easier. For example, if you prefer to decorate the home of rich and famous, start contacting the rich and famous in your area. If there aren’t many, you may have to move to where they are, or you may need to expand to serve those who want to appear rich and famous.


How can I get started?
Join trade association that gives you credentials. Find a way of showing why your services are better than those of your competitors. Get letter of recommendation from any of your customers who are well-known and respected in your community. Pick a good business name, get your business registered, design a quality brochure and start promoting yourself on social media. You will soon have a profitable business doing what you love.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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