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Entrepreneur vs Employee? Forte Oil Plc CEO Gives His Views

So much is currently being said about the need for young vibrant entrepreneurs to make the most of the country’s current economic recovery by starting new businesses which will on one hand drive national economic growth and on the other, make these entrepreneurs wealthy. As such, it seems entrepreneurship is being touted as the only route to success for the young and upcoming.



So, what is primarily on the minds of the new generation is ‘What can I start-up?’


However, Mr. Akin Akinfemiwa, Group CEO of Forte Oil Plc says this should really not be the main question on the minds of young people now. According to him, it is simply impossible for everyone to become an entrepreneur. “It is good to be ambitious but we all must understand that we are not all destined to be entrepreneurs otherwise the business world will not be balanced” he noted. He said this during an exclusive tweet chat with Nairametrics yesterday, where he discussed a wide range of issues from those relating to Forte Oil Plc. to the power sector, entrepreneurship and his favorite musicians.

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It was during this chat that he highlighted the importance of developing key attitudinal outlooks that would serve everyone well, whether the entrepreneurship path is taken or not.


“Whilst I will encourage the younger generation to achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals, they need to know that two things are important for success in the business world whether you work for yourself/ you are working for someone.


  1. An Entrepreneurial mindset
  2. A Leadership mindset.” he explained.



The Forte Oil Plc. CEO believes that with these two qualities, any young and upcoming individual can achieve their life goals whether by running their own business or working for someone. For someone who heads a very young management team that has achieved so much in such a little time, Mr. Akin Akinfemiwa’s advice should not be so quickly forgotten by upcoming people, entrepreneurs or not.

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(First published in Nairametrics)


admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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