5 Costly Marketing Mistakes Book Authors Make

5 Common Book Marketing Mistakes Authors Make
By Kehinde Ajose

In 2015 when I released my first book ‘Donjazzyfied’, I made some major sales, got a myriad of media mentions, however the book didn’t necessarily live up to its potential. I made some blunders.

 I made some major mistakes that in retrospect I shouldn’t have made. I will be sharing some book marketing mistakes you should avoid as an author, especially if you major in writing non-fiction.

1.       Outsourcing your book marketing

As an author you need to realize that you are your own number one marketing officer. Don’t outsource the marketing of your book to bookstores, online bookstores, influencers or social media experts. Your book is more than a book, it’s a product that needs to be sold. The success of your book when it comes to marketing, is dependent on you. Make it happen.

2.       Not defining your target audience

In my new book ‘Author Visibility Secrets’, I mentioned that authors need to define the problem their book solves. Your book is not meant for everybody, not everybody will buy from you. ‘No be water’ no be everyone go drink you’.

Clarifying your target audience will help you streamline who your book will appeal to. I made that mistake when I started marketing my first book. As an author, you must find creative ways to communicate the problem your book solves.

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3.       Poor cover design

Your book cover design is one of the best marketing decisions you will ever make when it comes to making massive sales.

If you are not a trained graphic design professional with results, then you need to work with a professional. I can work with canva, however when it comes to creating catchy and excellent book cover designs, I outsource them to professionals. People judge a book by it’s cover.

4.       Not leveraging on influencers

One of the steps I took when I wrote my first book was synergizing with influencers in the media and entertainment industry. The likes of Olorisupergal, Kehinde Bankole and Esther ijewere helped me in sharing about the book on social media.

This helped with the sales. You cannot bank on your own influence alone to sell your books. As Emeka Nobis said; ”Begin building relationships that’s laden with the value offered and the value received. If you are going to connect, go from the point of view of what is in it for them”.

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5.       Refusing to promote consistently

 Most authors just make announcements about their books on social media and it stops there. You need to constantly put the world out about your book. So far I have had media mentions from four major national dailies for my new book and I intend to do more. Think of creative ways to promote your book which will appeal to your target audience. Asking influencers and readers to help review your book is also another way of promoting it.  Has this been helpful?

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