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10 Golden Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business Today

In the recent past, more and more people are venturing into business. Be it small scale, medium scale, large scale, or a side hassle for the employed, there seems to be an increase in businesses everywhere people are!

Truth is, nobody gets into business to fail. When a business is born, there is a desire for it to grow. However, desire alone is not enough. Growth takes work, not luck.

When a child is born, for it to grow, he must be protected, fed, and nurtured. And not only that, for social growth, the child must know how to relate with other people when it becomes of age. The child should know and be known by the right people. It is from these relationships that the child gets sustenance.

In the same way, many things come into play for business growth. And one of these is knowing and being known by the right people. This is what will make prospects know, like and trust you, and have confidence in what you are offering them. The Ultimate way to do this is by marketing.

Today, I will share with you ten (10) Marketing Strategies that will make your business not only grow but also blow, especially during these times when there is cutthroat competition owing to the mushrooming of businesses.

1. Brand marketing

This is how you want the market to know you for. What is your uniqueness? How have you packaged yourself? It includes, and not limited to, the name of your business, the logo, the designs you use, your services, and your offers. Present yourself in a way that you will find favor in the eyes of your prospects.

2. Market research for problem solving

Why did you get into business? You should have a clearly defined reason, and your sole goal should be to solve that problem. Let it be that you want to fill a market gap. People have problems. What will you do to ease their pain? It is not about you; it is about them! People go where there are solutions to their problems.

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3. Content marketing

You can create written, audio and visual content on a blog, social media, etcetera, to share value with prospects even before they buy from you. Give value, and people will draw unto you. Educate people. In creating content, it helps to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that people may easily find your content. It improves visibility.

4. Affiliate marketing

Hire people to work with you in your business, so that for every sale they make on your behalf, you pay them a certain agreed upon commission.

5. Customer referrals

This is also referred to as User-generated content. There is nothing as powerful as this. It gives social proof when a satisfied customer markets for you. It builds confidence in other people and squashes doubt. Ask for customer reviews and referrals. A better way is to give an incentive on every other customer they bring. It will motivate them.

6. Product promotions

Humans love gifts, and if bad comes to worse, we want more for less. That’s why giving bonuses, discounts, creating irresistible offers, having an effective customer care service, giving after sales services, however little, goes a long way to pull prospects in and keep customers. You may even create a lead magnet. A magnet pulls people who are attracted to it.

7. Advertisements

Flyers, billboards, signposts, ads on Google and social media handles, newspapers, email lists and any available platforms will let people know about you. This may be free or at a fee.

8. Influencer marketing

Famous and popular people have a big following. For example, artists, players, politicians, authors, actors. That’s why most of them are brand ambassadors. They can easily pull in crowds into your business by the lift of a finger. All you need to do is to have them endorse your products and/or services. A recent example is Cristiano Ronaldo’s move back to Manchester United (Man U). The sale of CR 7 T-shirts improved massively. Ticket sales to watch Man U match skyrocketed.

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9. ISO certification and approval by relevant authorities

People want to be sure they are safe when they get your goods and/or services. Getting approval and certification from the relevant authorities, and letting the public know that you are certified, builds trust. For example, if you are running a pharmaceutical company, the drugs you distribute have to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

10. Press

Use of the mainstream media may put you in the limelight. This is because many people are listening to the radio or watching Tv at the same time worldwide. A one-minute mention by the press is enough to make your business known. Amanda Gorman, for example, sold many copies of her poetry book “The Hill We Climb” because of the many press releases after she presented her poem during Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony as the POTUS.

11. Automation

As a bonus point, automation, that is, making automatic, builds a responsive communication. For example, the use of autoresponders on WhatsApp (if you have a WhatsApp supported business model) makes prospects believe they can reach you any time they want to do business with you. It creates customer satisfaction and in turn, brings in more referrals and more business.

These are some strategies you may employ to fuel the growth of your business. The growth of your business is in sales. But you won’t make sales if you don’t have a wide reach for willing and able customers. Marketing is a business activity that cannot be wished away. Apply these and see how fast your business will grow.

Felix Anago
Felix Anago
Anago Felix is a Business Strategist with the goal to Inspire and Influence entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the Strategies to Build, Grow and Scale a Profitable Business.


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