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What You Must Do Before You Sell Anything

Most people wonder why, after creating wonderful, valuable and irresistible product, they still struggle to sell.
They think the problem is their product. But sometimes, it isn’t. Some think it is the customers not willing to buy, but it is not.
The question is, what then is the problem? Why do people find it very difficult to sell their products and services?
This has been one major problem that marketers and entrepreneurs encounter.
Yes, the problem is selling.
Creating a product is super easy, selling it is hard.
In life, there are two things. It is either easy or hard, good or bad. Strong or soft.
Now, back to my point. Creating a product is very easy, selling it is the hard deal.
One reason why people find it difficult to sell is this:
They design the product before looking for customers {wrong}. The right thing to do is to look for WHAT customers WANT and design a product that solves that need or look for what they
want and provide it for them.
Understand this, look for, before you sell.
Look for what people are dying to have before you create a product. Don’t just imagine that need it.
You may be wrong. Look for the problem before you create a solution.
You should see a need before you proffer a solution.
If not, you’ll struggle to sell.
Let’s take, for instance, if you want to sell food, you can’t just cook any kind of food and expect people to come and buy.
Instead, you should first find out the kind of food the people around you love to eat and them prepare that food.
Note: Find out first, research first!
When you understand what someone needs, you will know how best to serve them.
However, all that is possible if you obey the equation below:
If you have the right strategy + customers without products, NO sales. If you have products + customers minus the right strategy, likewise, there will be no sales.
For you to make sales, these three must be in their rightful position. Nothing happens until you make it happen.
Now, go and create your product, apply the right strategy, find your ideal customers and start selling!
Remember, It is customers before product. Not product before customers.
You don’t create a product and start looking for customers. No! You look for customers, understand their needs and then create a perfect product they will love.
In Conclusion, before you sell anything to anyone, you must

1. Create Anticipation:

The day you get the idea about your business, product or service, that is the day you should start creating awareness. Don’t wait till you launch. Begin creating anticipation. Start telling people about it. This helps to prepare the minds of your audience.

2. Create A Need For The Product:

Make them need it. Let them desire to have it first before you start selling to them.

3. Add Value:

It shocks me to see people coming to sell when they haven’t established value systems.
The law of value says give, give, give, then ask.
Before you ask people for money, be sure to have added enough value to their lives. This is what builds trust.

4. Before you sell, ask yourself; This thing I am selling, is it luxury or necessity? Like; is it something people can do without?

If it is something anyone can do without, that is luxury, but if they can not do without it, that is a necessity.
Make sure what you’re selling is what people can not be able to just ignore.

5. Understand your customers and know that they buy based on emotions:

People buy based on emotion. They buy it because it has a solution for their people.
Understand this and make sure it solves that problem for them.
Create A Need For Your Product In The Minds Of Your Customers before you start selling.
As a consumer, I won’t buy your product or any service you render if I don’t need them.
How then do you make me need what you sell even though I don’t necessarily want to buy?
How? It’s by marketing. Continuous marketing!
What is marketing? Marketing is the art of creating a need in the mind of the Consumer for a product or service for which one can receive compensation.
Note the phrase ‘Creating a Need’ Have you ever bought a product you don’t need?
Or have you ever paid for an online course you didn’t even get to practice?
I believe you have.
The reason why you paid for these services is because the seller created a need in your heart. They made you see a reason you should buy.
They constantly show their products to you that you got no other choice than to buy. That is exactly what it means to create a need.
Research has proven that before a customer makes a buying decision, he or she has probably seen that product advertised for about seven times.
Don’t just talk about your product and keep quiet, do it consistently.
So if you desire to boost your sales, create a need first. Market it first and watch the magic.

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Felix Anago
Felix Anago
Anago Felix is a Business Strategist with the goal to Inspire and Influence entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the Strategies to Build, Grow and Scale a Profitable Business.


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