These Are Signs That You Are Not Strong Mentally

signs that you are mentally weak
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  • You always hide in your comfort zone.
  • You give up easily because the tasks are too demanding.
  • You don’t try new things because you fear failure.
  • You complain a lot to the people around you.
  • You always look at the lives of others and you never work on yourself.
  • You let the company determine your goals and dreams.
  • You are a lover of people.
  • You are afraid to express your true opinions.
  • Allow people to step on you.
  • You are looking for the simplest way out.
  • You promptly give up your morals or principles in exchange for something rewarding.
  • You don’t fight for what you want.
  • Follow the herd.
  • You make excuses by convincing yourself that you can’t accomplish the things you want to do.
  • You engage in useless gossip.
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