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Strategic Planning for 2022

Going into a new year is a major venture that should not be treated with levity. Many people go into a new year without plans or goals.


This is beyond the new year resolution that many do but are unable to keep because there is no serious planning behind it. I want to share six tips that have helped me over the years.


  1. Any major enterprise or venture should start with a sit-down

You do not rush into your year. You must have a time of sitting down to ponder and consider the different elements of what you want to do.


Too many people start the year with zeal and vigor but they fizzle out before the end of January because there was no proper sitting down.

Sitting down implies thinking. Thinking is not an easy job and that is why there are very few thinkers.


Get a quiet place to have a period of introspection and reflection. Thinking comes first, not action.

Whatever you’re going to do this year, sit down first and think through it. Thinking is before execution. Thinking makes execution easier.

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Never execute without thinking it through. The Bible also calls this process meditation which means to think deeply.


What thinking entails?

A. Think about your previous/outgoing year- what did you do wrong?
B. What did you do right?
C. What will you do better if you have another chance?
D. What habits do you need to break?
E. What habits do you need to imbibe?
F. What skills do you have?
G. What skills do you need to acquire in the new year?

  1. What price are you willing to pay for your goals in the new year?

There is a cost to completion. There is a price to pay.

You want to buy land? There is a price to pay. You have to deny yourself of some luxuries and save up. You can’t afford to spend the way you spent money in 2021.

You want to get additional qualification? There is a price to pay. You will have sleepless nights, pay school fees, do assignments and compete with those younger than you. If you want higher grades, you can’t go out as often as you would want to.

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Everything has a price.


You must give up something to get something. You want to earn a salary? You give up time.


You want to run a very big business; you will have to sacrifice a lot including your personal convenience.

  1. You may have many goals but you should have ONE dominant goal.

Every year, have one main project even if you have several other goals. That one project or goal will help you remain focused.

Look through your goals and make one the dominant goal.

Your major efforts should be towards achieving that dominant goal.

For instance, one major goal for our church members is that in 2022 everyone that is working must plan to buy at least a plot of land anywhere in Nigeria.

To be continued….

© Bayo Adeyinka


admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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