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I Resigned My Job To Start Business – SME of The Month, January!

A business idea doesn’t necessarily have to come from you. It might just be something you saw somebody doing, you fell in love with, then you modernize or advance on it. Madukoma Ogechi’s business started with same ideology. Join our SME of the month of January, 2017 on SME Digest as she takes us through how she started her business and how it has grown overtime.

Sit back and take a chilled juice as we unravel the business world of Madukoma Ogechi. You’ve got something to learn from her.


Q: Can we meet you?


I am Madukoma Ogechi, the M.D/CEO of Glomajos Enterprises; I am a graduate of Economics from the Ambroose Alli University Ekpoma, in Edo State. I am a beneficiary of the Federal Government Youth with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) program, an Alumni of Enterprise Development Center of Pan Atlantic University and as well an Alumni of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. Glomajos Enterprises is an indigenous Firm that produces and sells household cleaning products, our Brand Name is LORYMA. We have three major products for now which includes Loryma Toilet BowlCleaner, Loryma Laundry Soap and Loryma Dish-washing Liquid. Two of our products have been approved by NAFDAC while the third is in the process.

Q: Tell us about your Business, how you started and what inspired you to go in that line of business.


I have always being entrepreneurial right from a very young age, I got it from my Mum who has always being into business, even while I was still in paid employment, you will see me go to Lagos Island to buy shirts and trousers, bring it back to the office to sell to my colleagues at a profit.


I would say what inspired my line of business is my love to experiment and also by divine arrangement. It’s a long story but to cut it short, one day I saw a neighbor produced Liquid soap at home, this was in 2013, I begged her to teach me, she did, I started making it in small quantity at home, at first I will give it out for free to family and friends and beg them to give me feedback with which I will improve on the next production, after a while of doing this, I started selling it and even supply my office and some schools around me.

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In the process of doing this and still in paid employment, a friend told me about YOUWIN that same year 2013 and encouraged me to apply, I never believed this business will make the list, I was looking at it like nothing but I applied anyway giving it my best shot, by the grace of God, my business was chosen among 1,200 successful applications out of the 66,000 entries that was received that year, the second edition tagged YOUWIN WOMEN, you can see why I said it’s by divine arrangement.
I went for further training in my line of business, I learnt how to make other products like Laundry/Bar soap, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Petroleum Jelly, Hair Cream, Liquid Antiseptic, Odour Neutralized, Candle, etc.

I resigned my job in February 2014 and started Glomajos Enterprises in March 2014 armed with this knowledge, I have never looked back ever since.

I also train those that will like to go into my line of business at a fee, especially women and youth.

Q: What were the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business?


Some of initial challenges I faced includes fear of failure, getting the right equipment, where to get them, getting quality raw materials and getting the market to accept my products. I also faced the challenge of getting the right staff and keeping them

Q: What is that thing you wish you did differently?


I wished I had someone like a mentor in the industry that would have held me by the hand and lead me through the initial startup phase of my entrepreneurial journey, which is what I do for people wanting to start my line of business, if I had, I wouldn’thave made some costly mistakes and buying some machines that I couldn’t use even for once. Today, I allow my Trainees come into the factory and have a feel of the machines themselves, they learn along in the factory as we produce, giving them first hand and practical knowledge of the business.

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Q: Who or What is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal?

In business, Alhaji Aliko Dangote inspires me so much with his many successful businesses, personally, Mr. Tony Elumelu inspires me with his work at TEF and TEEP where he supports entrepreneurs to succeed.

Q: What makes you different from your Competitors?

One major thing that makes me different from my competitors is the fact that I don’tcompromise on quality yet our products are very affordable. Another thing is that apart from production, I also train those that have interest in my line of business especially women and youth, and guide them through setting up their businesses.



Q: Would your Business still be around in 5years?? Why do you think so?

My business shall be around for much more than five years by the grace of God Almighty. I think so because I am dedicated to building my business by ensuring that the right structures are in place, I have also being exposed to some high level entrepreneurial training from the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurial Program(TEEP) and The Enterprise Developments Centre of The Pan Atlantic University through the World Bank sponsored Women X Program and also the Cheri Blair Foundation sponsored Women Road to Business Growth Program, through these trainings, I have been thought the right way to do business.

Q: What does it take to start a Business like yours?

All it takes to start a business like mine is to have interest in my line of business first, focus; dedication and hard work, then get the right training.


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