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PERCEPTION – How It Determines Your Price

Can You Guess How Much That Plate of Eba Above is Worth?…

Naaa… your guess was as good as mine, but that’s not it

You see, in life, PERCEPTION is everything. I and my colleagues had a meeting today and we got talking about perception.


Your business, your lifestyle, how have you been able to portray it to people.

This is KEY in determining your Worth/Price – Yes! And it also determines if some class of clients will do business with you or patronize your products/services.

Let me give live examples as we discussed during the meeting;

A lady bought chandelier from the US worth $15,000. That’s 5.5 million naira and they called someone to come install it. When this guy came, he was like… ahhh this chandelier big ooo… Madam, I’ll install it for 20,000 naira.

Guess what…

They told him to go, they’ll call him back.

They got another installer, that one came and charged 2 million for installation… still guess what???

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He was given the job to do!

Now what happened there?

Our mentality has been wired to believe that the most expensive is the original and that’s how the high class people think.

Even when you go to the boutique, you’ll always want that most expensive wears cos you believe they’re the best.

It’s difficult to believe the ability of the guy that’s charging 20,000 naira to install an almost 6 million naira product even when he’s the BEST at it – trust me.

Another live scenario; some goods were to be moved by chevron from Lagos to Porthacourt. The goods will be followed by land and air escort. The guy that collected the deal from chevron approached a driver guy that charged him 600,000 naira.

He told him never to call him again in his life. At the end, they got someone else to move the goods for 2.6 million naira.

If you’re too cheap at times, you just won’t get the job. Now, been too cheap might not necessarily be the amount you’re charging, but on how you appear, how well you’re packaged, how you construct your spoken English and how you comport yourself – you gotta be expensive in these areas mehn.

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There are some meetings or deals you’ll need to sign, you just need to rent a car and a driver if you don’t have one or at least, take an Uber.

Don’t appear there sweating profusely and breathing fast because of serious trekking under this hot Sun.

There are some places you can’t even enter if you’re not driving.

People going into banana island on foot are desperately searched at the entrance gate than those driving.

At the end of everything, it’s how much you price yourself that will determine if you’ll get the job most times – don’t price yourself sheep, sorry, cheap!

You still want to know the price of that plate of Eba up there???

It’s N15,000 only.

Are people buying it? A BIG YES!


How’s your PERCEPTION?

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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