Pan-African Awards Focuses on Entrepreneurship in Education

entrepreneurship pan-africa award
Awards to reward projects which are using enterprise and entrepreneurship to innovate in the field of education in Africa have been unveiled by Pan-African Awards, who are the promoters.
The awards are supported by Saville Foundation based in South Africa, and managed by ‘Teach A Man To Fish’, which uses its expertise in enterprise education and highlight inspirational models and projects through its large network of educational organisations and schools.
PAN African award
To stand a chance of winning a Pan African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education, the education or training project must be based in Africa and the organisation able to actively demonstrate the success of its entrepreneurial approach to education, with a large network of young people. In addition, the education project must be innovative and inspiring, and must have had a positive impact on young people and the community.

The promoters said winners of the awards will cart home: $15,000 as first prize; while $5,000 is for second and third prize winners. Benefits also include a trip to London for a delegate to receive the award, enhanced visibility and publicity and; enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities.In addition,there is also a chance to win ‘partner prize’ to work with Teach A Man To Fish and the School Enterprise Challenge, the promoters added.

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