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5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

Every business owner has a story to tell of a lesson or two on their journey to success. Many of the greatest lessons have come from times that have been humbling mistakes or errors. Why make the same mistakes others have made? Learn what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

Mistake #1

Marketing Inconsistently. There are many marketing tips and techniques that a business owner can use to promote their business. If they are trying to do too many things they are diluting their efforts. marketing is much more powerful if 2-3 methods are done well and consistently. The impact of the message comes across much stronger.

Mistake #2

Spending too much time on non-revenue generating activities. Checking your email every 5-10 minutes is not very productive unless you are monitoring sales or purchasing something minute by minute. Most emails are informational or requests from other people wanting something from you. Focus on revenue generating activities.

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Mistake #3

Not showing appreciation for your current customers. Your current customers are your greatest resources to filling a pipeline with new prospects and referrals. Treat your customers well and they will be sure to tell.

Mistake #4

Not asking for what you want. Asking for testimonials to use on your website or marketing materials can really boost your credibility and can be a win-win opportunity. You can include the person’s name, title, and website in the testimonial to promote the provider. Asking for referrals can lead to future business. Give what you wish to receive. Think of who you can refer them to in your network.

Mistake #5

Not managing your finances. A business is not a business unless it is making a profit. You may not like numbers but if you like money, managing your finances is a must. Hire a professional if you need help. Knowing your finances gives you power to make important decisions and can decrease or eliminate risk.

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Turn these mistakes into your powerful success story. By creating a plan to get your marketing message out into the marketplace consistently the more people will learn about you and what you do. The more you focus on revenue generating activities, the more you will make. Take time to appreciate your current customers for they are the key to creating more business connections. Find ways to help them reach their goals and they will try to help you reach yours. Ask for what you need and want. Manage your finances so that you can take decisive action!

Article Source: Ezine Articles

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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