I’ve Gone To Bed Many Nights Without Food – Linda Ikeji’s Advice To The Ladies


In her quest to encourage and motivate young ladies out there, Nigeria’s Blogger queen, Linda Ikeji shares her story on how she has come this far, how she failed so many times and advises young ladies not to give in for sexual immorality all in the name of money. Going through this wonderful message from Linda, I can say the advices were not just meant for the ladies alone but for every young aspiring individual still finding his/her way to the top. Watch the video below.


Below are the lessons I picked From Linda Ikeji’s message:

  1. You can achieve whatever you so desire without sleeping around, exposing yourself to all sort of diseases and bad impressions by your suitors
  2. Never give up in your dreams and purpose no matter the amount of set-backs you’ve come across
  3. Don’t entrust your financial stability to immoralities, you are capable of getting even more than what anybody can offer you for illicit s*x
  4. Be passionate about success. Its not an easy task but its worth waiting and working for
  5. Find what you are passionate about and make it your business. Make your passion your business
  6. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how difficult it may seem, don’t give your body to men for money
  7. When you want to succeed as bad as you breathe, there is no stopping back!
  8. Never underestimate yourself
  9. Believe in yourself strongly and finally
  10. Trust in God
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Feel free to drop what you’ve learnt as well from Linda’s New Years message using the comment box below.


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