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How to Overcome Tension When Presenting

Do you have presentation this morning or next? You must be having some kind of stress. It does not matter if you are presenting to two people or two thousand people, when presentation anxiety prevails, you need some strategies to get on stage with confidence and professionalism.

No matter how veteran or under seasoned you are, when it comes to some specific or particular topic, this may give you some sleepless nights and nauseous stomach in the morning.

Public speaking or presentation at work is a stressful activity which may raise your heart rate or may exert feelings of severe nervousness. There are strategies that can help to overcome these problems very easily.

a) Exercise that morning.

Researchers and scientists proved that positive stress of exercise before the day of presentation prepares cells and structures and pathways within the brain so that they’re extra prepared to handle stress in other forms.

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Rather than use the morning of your big presentation to ruminate and freak yourself out, spend at least 30-40 minutes working out. Whether you go for a walk, do go to market, or take some exercise class, the release of serotonin that results from exercise will give you with positive feelings for your coming presentation.

b) Memorise some lines initially.

The hardest element for most speakers is really getting started. You’re now trying to supervise your anticipatory anxiety. The best method to overcome this kind of problem is to memorise some initial lines of your speech. This is a real short cut method. This will help you to settle down anxiety of speech while speaking. Try this, it works. Make sure that you have practiced saying your first three lines out loud several times.

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c) Design a dialogue rather than monologue.

Try to develop a dialogue rather than a monologue. Plan to speak for the first 30 seconds to one minute on your own, and then ask the listeners a question that requires an answer, take a casual opinion poll, or show a rapid, pertinent video and get some opinion. This is an easy way to handle the job.

d) Eat a balanced diet.

Have a balanced diet in the morning consisting of fruit, grains and proteins. Drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated. A healthy diet will enable your body to supply a range of nutrients and vitamins to all the organs in your body so it functions to it’s optimal performance. You may feel nervous and tension during your presentation and a body fueled with nutrients can draw upon these reserves to function at optimal capacity.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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