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How to Pitch to Brands as an Influencer – Olori Supergal

Pitching to brands as an influencer made easy by Olori Supergal as seen on her LinkedIn page.

Build and grow your social media platform 

Focus on building and growing your social media platform. Platform building is very important. Don’t pitch to brands without having a highly engaged platform.

Build your influence 

Once you’ve built your platform and have a sizeable audience, start testing your influence with them and checking how they engage with your content and promotions. This makes you understand how they will react if you start influencing for brands.

Pitch directly to them via DM or email

If you have brands that align with you and your audience and you see an opportunity to help them achieve their marketing and brand objectives with your platform, you can pitch directly to them via DM, or you can source for the email of an employee within their marketing and branding department and send your pitch to them. 

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Network with them at industry event

Don’t just spend all your time online.

Attend networking events and especially industry events, and don’t be afraid or too shy to network with brands and senior executives present at such events.

Focus on building relationships first and when the time is right, pitch your services to them.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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