How Do You Disrupt a Business Space

how to disrupt a business space - disruptive innovation
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“1,000 Songs in your pocket!”

I can still remember Steve Jobs introducing the first iPod back in 2001.

It was a remarkable breakthrough.

Steve said, “The biggest thing about iPod is it holds 1000 songs. Now, this is a quantum leap because for most people, it’s their entire music library. This is huge.

The coolest thing about iPod is that your entire music library fits in your pocket. OK? You can take your whole music library with you, right in your pocket. Never before possible. So that’s iPod.”

Before the iPod, the easiest way to listen to music on the go, was with a portable CD player, and get only ten to fifteen songs with you.

1,000 songs vs 10 songs?

Not even close, right?

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Overnight, the Sony Discman, became obsolete.

Now, how do you disrupt a business space?

Disruption in business happens when innovation creates a new proposition that replaces an existing technology with better value, making it obsolete.

This is called Disruptive Innovation!

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