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5 Visa-Free Countries for Nigerians

You have heard of many places, towns, and cities but you never know which or those that are visa-free for Nigerians, it might have seemed problematic and arduous, but guess what? This article is for you, this article, in brief, is aimed at solving that doubtful thought of yours, at the same time will show you countries that are visa-free for Nigerians. Still on same trend, you can do well with Travelstart, your reliable travel agency as your safety and pleasure are guaranteed.

Below are 5 Visa-free countries for Nigerians: 



Comoros or The Comoro Islands is off the south-east shore of Africa toward the east of Mozambique and north-west of Madagascar. Nigerians get a visa on landing in The Comoro Islands, the fact that it is one of the visa-free countries for Nigerians. Comoros offers a lot of escape thoughts with its amazing and energizing heavenly body of islands. You can visit the Lac Sale; an astonishing lake with a remarkable 360-degree perspective on its landscape, while getting a look off the coast past Hahaya. You could likewise watch monster sea turtles laying eggs and make a plunge the Marine National Park later in the day. Comoros became a part of the French colonial empire at the end of the 19th century. It was after this it became independent in 1975. Since then, it remained a beautiful city, loving and embracing newcomers, including Nigerians. The capital and largest city in Comoros is Moroni. The religion of the majority of the population is Sunni Islam. This country has always been mind captivating as the country has a claim on a fourth significant island, southeastern-most Mayotte (Maore).



Dominica awards Nigerians a free entry Visa for 21 days. This nation is a sloping Caribbean island with tropical rainforests, cascades, lakes, canyons, streams, and hot natural aquifers or better known as hot spring. The tough coastline obliges natural shoreline towns and rocky black-sand shorelines, which will, in general, be useful for swimming or jumping spots. The currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD).  English is the official language, and that means you will communicate fluently with people who you speak the same formal language as a Nigerian. Dominica is an absolute necessity to see a goal for explorers, sweethearts, tourist, and anybody looking for an epic vacation. Mind you Dominica has a park that encompasses sulfur vents, the 65m-tall Trafalgar Falls and narrow Titou Gorge. To the west is Dominica’s capital, Roseau, with colorful timber houses and botanic gardens.

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Haiti is a Caribbean country that possesses the western third of the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. Nigerians get a 90-day free visa on landing. Because of its uneven territory, Haiti is a paradise for hikers and pilgrims. You could visit the LabadeeResort overseen by the Royal Caribbean International. Attractions in Haiti incorporate various beaches, water sports, a water park, and customary Haitian move exhibitions.



Nigerians are allowed 90 days’ free visa entry into Kenya, and you can see how generous it is, a country of extraordinary wildlife. You can make a trip to Kenya for a fun ride through the wild safari and take part in particular reasoned activities such as snorkeling and sunset viewing. You can also attempt the astounding nearby cuisine. Kenya is known as one of Africa’s most important locations for an excursion. Iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya stand over the savannah flatlands and tropical woodlands while its waterfalls are nestled inside the foothills. Refreshing breezes float across the Indian Ocean to restore your soul in the country’s numerous coastal towns and islands. From her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, Kenya offers you an African dream outing of a lifetime. You wouldn’t want to miss it 

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A friendly nation and inviting individuals, persons, newcomers, and so on. Ghana is progressively turning into a most loved tourist Centre. As a component of ECOWAS benefits, Nigerians can enter the nation visa-free or once in a while might be given a visa on entry. The country is well known for its different slave trade noteworthy artifacts, for example, fortifications worked by the British, Dutch, Danish, Germans, Portuguese, and the Swedish spotted along the coast. You can likewise hang out on the lovely beaches like Kokrobite and Winneba. Visit the two famous national parks inland, or look at the remote history of the Ashanti, including the Manhyia Palace, the Asantehene’s Palace, and OkomfoAnokye sword. Unlike some African countries, Ghana is one of the four English speaking countries in West Africa. Ghana got her independent three years before Nigeria, i.e., 1957. Ghana is one of the very loving and neighboring countries to Nigeria as it is the combination of both Nigerians and the Ghanaians that brought about the ideology of ECOWAS. Part of places you can also visit on getting to Ghana is the fund head-quarter building of ECOWAS located at Lome. 

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