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5 Experts Secret To Generating Quality Leads for Any Kind Of Business

For a business to grow; it needs consistent lead generation, but most businesses find this to be a very difficult task. HubSpot research shows that 65% businesses find traffic generation a great marketing challenge. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are not generating leads at all, it could be they are not generating enough lead, or they are not generating quality qualified leads. 

So how can a business Generate Quality Leads? 

 Before we delve fully into that, what does lead and lead generation mean? 

A lead is a stranger who is a potential or ideal customer of a business. A lead who eventually becomes a loyal customer is a quality lead. 

Hence, lead generation is the act of attracting leads to your business. 

Now, stay with me to the end as I share with you the top 5 experts secret to generating quality leads and some bonus points which I know you won’t want to miss if truly you want to build a system that will help your business generate quality leads.

1. Identify Who You Want To Serve: This is one of the first thing to do. Identify who you want your leads to be. For example, those you want to target as your customers, those that will be satisfied with what your business have to offer. 

This includes their gender, age bracket, income rate, likes, dislikes, marital and family status, needs, etc. Having a clear picture of whom you want to serve will help you target them better. 

2. Use The Right Platform: You should know your ideal customers’ habits by now, if you did your research well when getting to know about them. 

Therefore, you know where they mostly spend their time and where they can never be. Take advantage of this and show up where they are. Automatically, no one will sell food in the cemetery except they are selling to the dead, which is highly not possible. Eye rolling.

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3. Create A Lead Magnet: Well we all know what a magnet is, so creating a lead magnet is to attract your ideal customer to your business with something that interest them, something they value or need, which could be in form of a training, a book, a limited offer, etc. 

Don’t forget the magnet is to attract them to your business, so in exchange for the gift you are giving, you get their basic details like name, contact address (email/phone number), location, etc. 

Don’t forget to keep track of all details and use it to build a relationship with your potential customers. In other words, build a funnel 

4. Build A Funnel: Nurture your potential customers through every stage of their contact with your business. From the time they became aware of your business until they became a loyal customer. 

5. Tell Your Brand Story: Yes, tell both your potential customers and the existing one your brand story often to let them know what they are going into and to remind them why they chose your brand initially. 

Tell them in a way that they can relate with, in the language they understand, which you should know by now if you truly know who your potential audience is. 

And, here is the bonus part I promised…

Bonus 1

Invest In Quality Content And Copy: quality copy makes your leads do the things you want them to do, and quality contents make them feel connected to your brand. 

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Bonus 2

Build An Online Presence: You need to build a brand online as the world is becoming more advance and relying more on technology. Not just by being online, but by building an effective brand for your business online. 

Bonus 3

Pay To Get Paid: Don’t just rely on organic means of generating leads, but rather pay for ads for your business to be shown to your potential customers, so they can know of your brand. 

You don’t know everyone online, but Mr. Google and Uncle Mark can access them. Pay those who know people to show them your business. 

Bonus 4

Create A Method Of Referral And Always Ask For Feedback: Create a means for your audience to refer you, make it an easy one. If there is a reward for it, let them know there is a reward for bringing in new customers for your business. 

Also, don’t hesitate to ask for their feedback. Are they satisfied with what your business offer, is there something they would like to change? Do they have any suggestions? 

This will help you make necessary adjustments, convince people that your business is real and reliable amongst others. 

Generating quality leads is challenging, but essential for every business to keep growing. 

Using the revealed secrets above will surely help build a system that will continuously generate quality leads for any business. 

Have you tried any of the above secrets before and which one do you plan implementing as soon as possible? Tell me in the comment section below.

Felix Anago
Felix Anago
Anago Felix is a Business Strategist with the goal to Inspire and Influence entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the Strategies to Build, Grow and Scale a Profitable Business.


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