What a wannabe entrepreneur might say:

I want to quit.

It’s too hard. I’m not making enough money. I don’t like marketing. I’m afraid I’ll fail.

I want to quit.

What a real entrepreneur would say:

I want to quit wasting my time on unimportant things, and focus on the impact that my business and I could have instead.

I want to quit reinventing the wheel, and instead invent systems that will help things run smoothly in my business.

I want to quit worrying about the people who don’t like what I’m doing, the naysayers, and instead focus on the people who do like what I’m doing.

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I want to quit focusing on money, and create a remarkable product or service that people want or need instead.

I want to quit waiting for people who will buy what I offer to appear, and go out and meet them, online or in person, instead.

I want to quit selling, and create community instead, real connections where people can get to know, like, and trust me instead.

I want to quit waiting for the elusive muse to arrive, and do the hard things now instead, because they need to be done.

I want to quit behaviors that sabotage my success, and be disciplined about new habits that create success instead.

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I want to quit hoping, and instead start taking action, right now.

I want to quit worrying about failure, and start as many things as I can instead, to see what will work.

A real entrepreneur wants to quit those things that don’t serve her or her business and instead, do those things that matter.


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