Do You Have a Business or You’re Self-employed


Is there a difference between having a business and being self employed? Do you have a business? Or are you just self employed? Yes! There is a difference. Take a look at successful businesses, most are ran by employees, whether on contract or staff. You rarely see the owners. That is a business. It runs whether the owners are there or on vacation. Your ultimate goal is to become an entrepreneur that is in charge of his/her business but “not in control”. Not in control in essence that your physical presence don’t have to be there 247 to get the business running.

When you start your business, it is up to you to get people to carry out your vision. Fine, at first, you may be the lone wolf, the jack of all trade. You will wear many hats. At some point you must learn how to delegate, delay, defer, or delete task so you can focus on growing.
The ultimate goal is to grow an empire where you make some massive CASH, impact your community, provide jobs, and leave a legacy. If that is not the end result then why are you an entrepreneur? Are you being selfish to satisfy your own needs? If that is the case then go get a job. Entrepreneurship is bigger than you. The big question again is… Do You Have a Business or You are Self-Employed?

As for me… I’m still building my business šŸ™‚ what about you?

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