Business Lessons from the S T A R T U P Movie

STARTUP - Business lesson

When you’re starting out a business with the ideas and everything but got no money what do you do??


Ok, so I got to see this movie… still watching it tho – S T A R T U P.

This is one movie every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneurs should see, trust me. There are dope lessons you need as you journey your way through this pilgrim land called entrepreneurship. Let me drop some right here:::::


– Once you’ve got your idea, in the idea stage or conception stage, prepare a hard copy with a nice cover write up or mini business plan about the business.

This is because you would have to go pitching this idea to several prospective investors and might just run into one of them on your way, so make your project handy.

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  •  When you’re pitching to a prospective investor, don’t just stop at telling them how beautiful and safe your project is or how it will protect and save the masses. Naaa, tell them what’s in it for them, SHOW THEM THE MONEY!

No investor is interested in a project that will not yield more money for him/her. They may not tell you but will diss you off nicely.


  • In addition to the point above, don’t appear broke going to a prospective investor. Package yourself well, if it mean taking uber and renting some nice suit, just appear GREAT as your idea promises.


  • Be very careful! Not every investor like you. Some want to steal your idea. Be very careful of the MOU you sign with them. You need to hire a lawyer if you don’t already have one to help you go through all documents. There are some hidden lines that might just put you as the least ownership in your own idea and business.
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  • There should be a drive or passion for whatever business you are venturing into. What would determine the success of the business is based on the story behind your inspiration in setting up that venture/business.


The film has some SP rated 20+ tho ?.

If you’re passionate about running your own business, go see STARTUP!


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