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The Diary of A Cab Hailing Business Man – Ep 2

If you missed Episode 1, click Here to catch up with our journey on the Diary of a Cab Hailing Business – there is a lot to learn and gain if you intend going through this route in business, and Now, Episode 2.

Back to Emmanuel.

So I completed my first day as a cab hailing Driver… lessons learnt.

While I sat in class with other drivers, I realized Pukena Cars & Drivers is as important in this transport equation as Uber and Taxify. For the equation to be complete, Uber gives the technology, there must be a driver who needs a car. He can get the car from Uber partners directly which is usually difficult with its unique challenges or he can hire a car from a fleet management company like Pukena Cars & Drivers which is easier as far as they meet some conditions. We have a business!

Oh My knees hurt badly! I drove all day today to almost all parts of Lagos dropping off riders. It makes me understand what my drivers go through on daily basis. Driving is not a small job.

Did I also tell you I met different characters in one day! A young girl with a strong British accent doesn’t know the route to her place. Google map did wonders to direct round and round before God had mercy on me. The girl gave me 5 star rating for my professionalism all through. A couple was so pleased with my driving that they asked me to always pick them up whenever they need to drive out… I would assign one of our drivers to them.

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I said I would do this for a month but I feel like running back to my office after just a day! But I have learnt quite a lot just passing through the Uber/Bolt on-boarding processes. Pukena will benefit from this experience..

Well.. the experience continues tomorrow by 5am. Still have a lot to learn!

Day 2 as a cab Hailing Driver: Google map to my rescue!

My greatest fear before deciding to embark on this one month learning experience driving on these cab hailing platforms was my limited knowledge of Lagos routes…

But two days into this business, I see there is actually nothing to fear as long as you know how to read your map! Simply type your destination and follow the blue arrow like a boss!😂😂😂

I completed 4 trips to areas I have never been to in Lagos without asking the rider for directions… I looked like a professional already… Lol

My attention was needed at my office to meet a driver that defaulted payments so I took a break to rush down to the office.

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On getting there, without knowing I now know what he knows, he started with their usual lies of how he hasn’t made money in the past few days and how he was hoping to use the weekend to make money and pay us.

I simply asked him to open his app. I went to his earnings for the past few days and showed him that he was lying. I showed him my own earnings in just 2 days and he couldn’t talk. I ordered him to be detained and the car retrieved from him till his guarantors pay his outstanding… He started begging and spilling the truth about facing some family challenges and using our money to solve them…. me too have family challenges bro…

Now my drivers are gonna be serious… not business as usual…

Nonsense and element..😂😂😂 I’m back on the road joor!

Watch-out for Next Episode

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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