In today’s world, being a standout employee is seen by many people as the ability to act aggressively and ostentatiously at workplace or bribe your way through the top managers who usually recommend staffs for promotion. The practice of cow eats cow, chicken eats chicken, lion eats lion, goat eats goat, cat eats cat and man oppresses man – the game of jungle justice. But a critical observation of the attitude of employees who became influential and stood out proved that belief obsolete.


In my experience as a life and business strategist who has been opportuned to coach many people and as a fellow who has worked in two different industries and with four different notable companies, I’ve discovered that standing out at workplace isn’t about being swanky or pugnacious; it is about being brilliant at what you do, getting along with your colleagues, giving a first class service to your clients/customers, leading even if you don’t have a title and passionate with a reasonable amount of humility.


As you go about your professional life, you might have heard of an employee or employees who became influential and gained promotion at their workplace regardless of their age. Yes, I have also met employees of that charisma. And I took my time to observe their life’s creeds, to learn what philosophies they practiced which other employees do not know.


In this book, I’ll be taking you through the daily routines practiced by stellar workers in different walks of life though I won’t narrate stories like I usually do in my other books but I’ll be hitting the points with passion and love in a simple language until the message grabs you at a DNA level, the inspiration sinks into your bone marrow, the possibility caused a shift in your thinking and the creed became your belief and prepare you mentally to dare without ceasing.


This book will help you kick start a tremendous phase in your journey as an employee and grow influence in the process.


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