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The Marketing Strategies of TSTV – Apply In Your Business

It has been a ‘crazy’ buzz for over a week now and the internet is on fire, especially on social media all in the name of the adventurous TSTV! Should in-case you’re reading this from outside Nigeria, you might be wondering what TSTV is or if you’re in Nigeria and you still don’t know or you haven’t heard of TSTV, then you’re probably staying in shangisha or Igbo-elerin 🙂 I’m sure guys from there must have heard it too.

TSTV is the latest incoming TV Cable business in Nigeria, providing users with media content for viewing.

I get to know about TSTV on facebook, please where did you hear about yours? Kindly drop it in the comment section below let’s know. Ever since I started hearing of it, the gospel of TSTV has won so many soul in Nigeria, if not faster than the souls that are being won for Jesus lately!

I took out time to study these guys and guess what… these are the few strategies I came up with that they’ve used to gain ground in Nigeria, even before launching, and Nigerians are even counting down the launch date themselves to acquire the product.


  1. TSTV has a “bad-ass” (Very Good) entry strategy

Before now, Nigerians have been paying massively for content viewing, watched or un-watched, without Thank you from these companies, but here comes TSTV with FREE 20 GB internet, pay as you go, and a total package of N5,000 – this is far more affordable compared to her competitors.

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I really don’t know if the price will shoot up tomorrow or the 20GB incentives will die down tomorrow, but right now, this is a catch for the market. They’ve captured the market with these incentives and Nigerians can’t wait to grab it with both hands. Most people are getting this package because of the data, precisely myself, while some are getting it ‘cos it’s affordable and just some other reasons. Give people more reasons to get your product/service.

So you see, their entry strategy is so much on point! When entering into the market, you’ve got to spice up your entry strategy to be unique from your competitors. Don’t do what others are doing and expect a different result.


2. TSTV has been marketing their products via word of mouth

I have not seen any paid advertisement of TSTV either online or offline. The product has been massively spread by word of mouth on social media and that is because the offer is too good to be true and not just that, the already existing competitor has been draining their subscribers whom have got no other better option. So when a BETTER option comes on board, zero cost of advertising becomes the cost of reaching customers.

TSTV gave Nigerians no choice but to propagate their gospel on their behalf. It got to a point their website couldn’t be accessed as a result of excess traffic. Their bandwidth was probably exceeded, can you imagine!

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3. The Name Strategy

The difference between TSTV and their number 1 competitor in Nigeria is just the first letter. I really don’t know the concept behind the name but if you ask me I’ll say it’s a strategy to get their names aligning with the already existing competitor’s brand on people’s subconscious mind. No time to sticking with an entirely new name. You can remember them easily from remembering their competitors 🙂


4. TSTV invested more on their product rather than their marketing

True, a good product will sell itself! So many companies out there will rather invest more on their marketing, making all the noise without offering meaningful product or less than expected product/service, but TSTV has invested in delivering More for Less. TSTV didn’t even use the popular faces on their product communication as others will like to use the BIG music artist as ambassador, yet their marketing has been on point, it has traveled with the speed of light.


There are so many other strategies we can curb out but I will like to stop here to save my ink. Really, even myself writing about this is just doing another damn free advert like everyone else for TSTV. TSTV I’m sending you an invoice for this ooo.. lolz.

So what do you think about TSTV and her breaking-in the marketing with this force of a buzz? Drop your comment below. I’ll be glad to see them.


admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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