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How to Setup Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria – Step by step guide

If you read this post to the end, I’m going to show you the step by step guide on how you can start earning on the average of N300,000 monthly, with Bulk SMS Business. The profit is consistent and I am 100% confident about this, and you will know why in a moment.

I know among many questions in your mind, the top of them all is, ‘Is this business still profitable in 2019?‘ Come on, it’s because of this business that I’m currently at a goat meat (Isi ewu/nkwobi) joint now as I am typing this message. I guess you know what happens at that joint.

Yes, I’m really going to walk you through step by step with no step skipped on How to setup your own Bulk SMS Business.


1. Who am I? Why should you listen to me? Why must you believe me?
2. Is bulk SMS business profitable in 2019?
3. A quick story of how I started my first bulk SMS business and 6 things I learnt from my mobile app’s journey to its first 1,000 downloads in 2017.
4. How to start your own bulk SMS business – Everything you need to know before you start.
5. How to choose a domain name and hosting company for your bulk SMS business. Don’t make my mistakes.
6. How to create your bulk SMS website the right way, step by step with no step skipped – You don’t need to have prior knowledge of programming.
7. How to deliver bulk SMS to DND numbers in Nigeria – If your bulk SMS platform delivers to DND numbers, you have made it.
8. How and where to purchase your own bulk SMS units (super APIs) at an incredibly lower price, yet very reliable.
9. How to price your bulk SMS business. I will show you my best-proven pricing strategy.
10. How to advertise your bulk SMS business with little budget and gain your first 1,000 customers in 2 weeks using Google Ads and a few other channels.


Frank Umeadi
Frank Umeadi

My name is Frank Umeadi. I’m a tech entrepreneur and a software developer with 9 years of experience. I’m the founder and CEO of Mart Technologies Limited – RC: 1474753 (Mart.NG), the leading online supermarket in Nigeria and also the 2019 winner of the NiRa’s .ng ‘Most Innovative Service Company of the Year Online’ award. You must have seen some ladies and gentlemen wearing the lemon green t-shirts fulfilling some orders in the streets of Abuja. That’s us, no one else!

I studied Computer Science Education at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and graduated in 2015 with a second class – upper degree (almost first class, but there is no problem). I’m from Abagana, Anambra State, Nigeria.

I’m also the founder of FraNKAPPWeb Technologies (with CAC No – 2384195), an information technology consulting firm. I have created tens of websites for my clients on the journey. This includes creating a football scouting website in 2017 for Peter Okoye (P-Square) together with Friday Kujah, a FIFA Player Licensed agent (the then manager of Jay-Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Taribo West etc.). Peter Okoye later supported my business with a photoshoot with my company’s logo (should I call it an endorsement?). Well, you can search for ‘Frank Umeadi and Peter Okoye’ on Google.

I’m also the founder of appwebSMS, a leading bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria with over 9,000 users/paying customers. I have a mobile app for this platform and it currently has over 8,500 downloads with the second-best 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store.

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I’m also the founder of, also a leading bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria with over 1,000 users/paying customers. I just launched this platform on July 27th, 2019. I also have a mobile app for this platform and it currently has over 1000 downloads with the best 5.0-star rating on Google Play Store.

I’m also the founder of, also a premier bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria with over 500 users/paying customers. I just launched this platform on August 21st, 2019. Don’t mind me; the bulk SMS business is doing me like sugar, that’s why I have three. And you people should hold me o, if not; I will have 20 bulk SMS platforms. That’s how sweet the business is.

I’m also the founder of ProjectsTopic, formerly, and an online academic library in Nigeria specifically for final year research works. We are doing well over there, really.

I also have many other things I do online but let’s give it a break here and get started very quickly on our main business of the day.


You really don’t need to think about this. The simple answer is YES!, bulk SMS business is very much profitable even in 2019 and forever.

Some people may say that bulk SMS business is no longer profitable because a lot of people are already in the business. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that again in 2019. That’s enough reason to believe that the business is profitable because people are rushing into it. Obu onye ji igu ka ewu n’eso (It’s the person that has palm fronds that goat follows). Like I said earlier, it’s because of this business that I’m typing this letter to you from goat meat (isi ewu/nkwobi) joint.

1. 350 billion text messages are sent every month. – CTIA
2. SMS is the most used data service in the world. – Nielsen
3. 91% of mobile phone owners use their device for SMS. – Smart Insight
4. More than 4.2 billion people are texting worldwide. – MBA Online
5. SMS messages have a 98% open rate, while email only has a 20% open rate. – Mobile Marketing Watch, 2017
6. 62% Percent of Smartphone users check their phones immediately after waking up. While 79% of Smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. – IDC

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Now, the cost of bulk SMS marketing is very much cheaper compared to radio and TV, and because of this, Churches, Organizations, Businesses and individuals have chosen bulk SMS as their preferred means of reaching their target audience.


Let’s assume you make NGN 1.00 per unit of SMS sold. That’s, you purchase at NGN 1.45 and sell at NGN 2.45. Now, NGN 2.45 – NGN 1.45 = NGN 1.00 profit per unit sold. Of course, it’s possible and that’s the margin I make per unit sold, maybe, because I buy in bulk. I will show you how I do that later.

And you have about 1,000 users of which 400 are active customers monthly. Now inside these 400, you have 20 that are king buyers. Now, these 20 customers purchase at least 5,000 units weekly. Your profit per week from each of them would be 5,000 * NGN 1.00 = NGN 5,000. In a month is NGN 5,000 * 4 = NGN 20,000 from one customer. Now from that 20 king customers is NGN 20,000 * 20 = NGN 400,000.

Oh, we have even exceeded our target of NGN 300,000 monthly. Let’s just say your average profit was NGN 0.80 and not NGN 1.00 or maybe some of your king buyers did not turn up for that month, you will still land at least NGN 300,000 per month. Don’t also neglect the average customers that pay NGN 5,000 NGN 2,000 and even NGN 500. Though I used to frown sometimes whenever I receive an alert of NGN 500, they are still super buyers at their level. Let’s love them all.

This is why many bulk SMS businesses are catching out so big from this industry and never looking back. As it stands now, even 1,000 active bulk SMS platforms cannot serve the need of this service for Nigerians. Why not go in and do better with your own service? I remember going to the office of the biggest bulk SMS company in Abuja here (of course, I’m not the biggest, not yet), and this guys just took one whole gigantic building in a beautiful estate as their office. Like, what? Na only una waka come? Come to this industry now and take your own share. Don’t dull yourself.

Are you still in doubt? I don’t like showing screenshots, but for the sake of this message that I want to pass, see below for my 30 days earnings from just one bulk SMS website and only online payment on Paystack (NGN 230,004.38 in 30 days). Offline payments via bank transfer are not added yet to it. This is from one of my bulk SMS websites; 30 days period and without offline bank transfers added. Purely online payments! Bank payments are most times double of online payments at the end of the month.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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