How I Saved Tens & Hundreds of Thousands of Naira spent on Graphics



An average small business owner spends a minimum between N20,000 – N100,000 monthly on graphics design and this involves designs such as; 

Logo, Facebook cover page, Instagram post designs, ID cards, Complimentary cards, Content designs, etc. 

For businesses who can’t afford to employ a permanent graphic design staff, with an average salary of N50,000 – N100,000, they pay freelancers based on pa design. 

Irrespective of whichever, it is best as a small business owner to look for various ways in cutting down cost/expenses so as to channel finance in other areas. 

Do you know you can spend less to nothing on your monthly graphics design? 

Oh, yes! 

INTRODUCING the Graphics Design Masterclass. 

Now don’t get scared, you don’t need to be a bad ass computer operator or know anything as regards any graphic software, and You will definitely churn out Professional Graphic content for your business, I mean it. 

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If you know how to operate an ordinary MS Word, then you’re great to go! 

This Graphics Design Masterclass will show you how to design;

  • Logo
  • Instagram content 
  • Facebook cover design
  • Business cards
  • Letter head
  • Name it, all sort of designs. 

In less than 9 minutes you can come up with awesome designs for your business. 

Are you ready to save yourself HUGE graphics design cost? Graphics designers are not happy with this, but we need to find ways to beat down our expenses as SME, they will get jobs for bigger conglomerate 😁

This masterclass that will save you hundreds of thousands of naira for a long period should be worth how much…?

No, you’re not going to be paying N50,000. Not even N20,000

With only…. N10….. naaaa

Just N4,999 only! 

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If you’re not coming up with regular content on your social media as a business, then your brand will be forgotten and you’ll loose a whole lot of potential buyers to your competitors who are displaying regular content, daily. 

You need to come up with various graphics content as seen below, regularly that will help your brand and business grow on autopilot.

Businesses that does this are always sharing testimonials of regular patronize of their business. 

Get the Graphics Design Masterclass today to empower yourself or your staff on how to create regular graphics content for your business with ZERO cost. 

Pre order price of N4,999only

Opened to the first 50 persons Only. 

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