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How Much Money Can I Make on YouTube

If you are observant of the trend, you will discover that most influencers are now directing traffic to their YouTube page most especially from Instagram. That is to tell you that there are monies, I mean good money to be made on YouTube which you have been leaving on the table if you don’t have a YouTube channel or you’re not a youtuber. on this article, Daniel Nwachukwu did justice on likely earnings you can make on YouTube.

In simple terms I’ll do my best to explain how much youtubers are paid and how much a youtuber would make roughly in a month.

It’s basically like having adverts on your site or a site, the only difference is that the adverts are videos and not just text, pictures or gifs (repeating short video).

Let’s dive in, Now:

Youtube pays you only when your videos have been approved and monetized.

then, two measurements or parameters are used to determine your pay by YouTube and they are;

  1. The number of advert views, (i.e. hits or views your monetized video gets)

The pay for the number of advert views is known technically as CPM. Now to make it trackable and easier, advertising companies such as Google, YouTube pay you for every 1000 views i.e. A particular amount is given to you for every 1000 views.

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Note: The amount depends on the niche the youtuber is into.

For example, a gaming YouTuber might receive $4 for every 1000 views, while a real estate youtuber might receive as high as $15 per 1000 views.

2. The number of Advert clicks;

This second measure for payment is also known as CPC. Every time a viewer clicks on the link to the advertisers site, YouTube pays you an amount of money.

This also includes the number of viewers that watch the video past the ‘5 seconds skip to video’ time. Note that it’s quite different from CPM we talked about above. You will be paid for this also.

Note: This amount paid depends on the viewers region. And also depends on the niche you are into!

Eg.: YouTube would pay a tech youtuber up to $1.2 for an American viewers click, but from Canadian and Indian viewers click, it would be about $0.90 and $0.09 respectively.

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And like I said, it depends on your niche/area and type of advert. An advert for a game would pay less than an advert for cars or online trading.

I’m a youtuber, that’s why I can give some degree of exact figures.


For Example

A youtuber with 1 million views, let’s break it down with the two parameters explained above;

1. Advert or Monetized video views:

Assuming 1million views, for every 1000 views you get $3, ie

1000 views => $3

10,000 views => $30

100,000 views => $300

1,000,000 views => $3,000

2. Advert Clicks:

Lets assume for an average click we get $0.45 and from 1million views we are using as a case study, lets assume 9,000 viewers actually clicked or watched the advertisers video;

it’s 9,000 x 0.45 = $4,050

So that is, $3,000+$4,050 = $7,050


Once YouTube take their share and tax, the youtuber with 1 million views will have pretty much what is left of the total $7,050.

Do you want to join other youtubers to start earning on YouTube? Drop your comment below

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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