How I Started My Business in ‘Prison’

how i started my business

I was in prison!

I was going crazy!

I hated my life!

I need freedom!

I was stuck studying Civil Engineering in College bombarded with lessons I had no interest in learning.

I was studying Civil Engineering because my dad is an architect and an expert constructor. Somehow I thought I could continue with my family business.

  • Huge mistake!

I didn’t like the construction business or working for my dad!

Entrepreneurship represented freedom!

Motivation? No! I call it FIRE!

I needed to take control of my life and my destiny.

  • So while in College I first started a parking lot business outside my College Campus… failed!
  • I then tried a Xerox photocopy business outside my College Campus… failed!
  • My Civil Engineering classes… failed!
  • My third try was a Clothing Alterations shop…. Success!
  • I finally achieved my freedom and have never used my Civil Engineering degree.
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This business is still running today +25 years later and has supported several other business ventures over the years.

It wasn’t easy, but grateful that I followed my heart!

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