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Five Unique Ways To Create Clear and Accurate Financial Predictions for Your Start-Up

Creating clear and accurate financial predictions for your Start-Up during the early stage is very critical to its growth.

Many business owners see financial planning as a waste of time or something that isn’t necessary. 

They believe the time they should use in financial planning can actually be channeled into generating more leads and converting them.

In as much as the both factors are important to the growth of any business, investors will only invest in a business that has a vision and is committed to making it great. 

Financial planning is the process of outlining how a business will run in order to achieve its important goals and objectives.

No matter what you do in business, the number one thing you shouldn’t joke about is having a clear financial plans.

Perfect business planning will enable business owners create great and well outlined plans that will take their business ventures to a greater position.

Tomorrow is uncertain. Yes, but how then can you prepare clear and accurate financial plans for your business without burning out?

Here are my top five unique ways any start-up can use in creating their financial plans to help their businesses GROW.

1. Start with Important Expenses:

What are the possibly crucial expenses you may probably make even as you kick start your business?

When drawing a financial plan, It is important to plan expenses before starting a business.

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Research has proven that, when calculating income and expenditure, it is very much easier to predict expenses than revenue because they are highly alluring.

However, start with an estimate of the total possible expenses since it is easier. Expenses like the rent, advertising, utility bills, materials bought, legal fees or your initial capital.

While predicting, try to calculate marketing and advertising cost, because marketing cost tend to step up beyond the business owner’s expectations. 

2. Analyze the Proportions To Be Sure Your Predictions are Accurate:

Try as much as possible to ensure that whatever you calculate is very accurate.

Never loose focus analyzing your predictions that you forget to calculate key revenue ratios.

Majority of business owners concentrate basically on attaining their revenue goals and presume they can adjust expenses if revenue doesn’t take place as they planned. 

Having a positive mental attitude and perception can radically help you improve your Sales goals, but it will never replace the planning that should happen for perfect financial predictions.

3. Calculate Gross Margin:

A Business Gross Margin is the proportion of total direct costs plus the entire revenue for a certain period of season. 

Calculating Gross Margin is very important in creating clear and accurate financial predictions for your start-up.

It’s more like the fuel that helps in the planning phase as it help differentiate between gross profit and the cost of goods sold, divided by total revenue.

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Therefore, in Making Clear and Accurate business Predictions, it is very important you calculate Gross Margin.

4. Find Out Your Cooperative Profit Margin:

Your cooperative profit margin denotes exactly the profit a business incurs after investing in its cost of production, such as wages, and raw materials. 

As your your business sales scale up, gross profit should be a small proportion of total cost, so your cooperative profit margin should increase. 

Most entrepreneurs make a mistake by predicting the break-even point too early and they assume they won’t require financing to grow their businesses. Don’t make that mistake.

5. Calculate Total Amount Of Money You Make Per Client:

As a young entrepreneur who plans to grow his business into profit? Ensure you pay keen attention to calculating the total amount of money you make on each client. Keep sales records as well.

Every successful business owner has made some vital business mistakes in one way or the other. However, majority hasn’t allowed that define them. It’s all part of the learning process. 

Although mistakes are going to happen, you can avoid several common marketing mistakes by making clear and accurate financial predictions for your business using all the above methods.

Felix Anago
Felix Anago
Anago Felix is a Business Strategist with the goal to Inspire and Influence entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the Strategies to Build, Grow and Scale a Profitable Business.


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