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Dear SMEs, What are You Buying… Future or Present?

Some years ago (between 1998-2000), my uncle was advised to buy some plots of land at Maroko for N25,000 per plot, but he refused. He said he can’t put his penny in water. The truth was, he could afford 10 plots of land without stress, or having to save for it. But he was more interested in buying a Mercedes V-Boot which was less than N250,000 then. He was not alone, I knew a lot of people who bought 505, Mercedes 230 and Mercedes V-Boot then without any sustainable investment.

Today, most of those people who bought the above mentioned cars to show off then, don’t have those cars anymore, neither could they replace it with the latest one after it was gone.

I met someone who bought 5 plots of land in Maroko at about the same time my uncle refused to buy water. He told me he built on one of the plots and gradually fenced the other four. Years later, he sold one of the plots for over N30m. Part of the money was used to send his twin abroad for their university education, and another part was used to buy a brand new car. 

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Now what is the difference between those that bought car and the person who bought land?

Those who bought cars, bought the present, whilst the man who bought land bought the future.

The truth is, the future is always cheap, and the present is expensive. Those who wait for the future to become the present before they act, most times end up not being able to afford the present.

For example, in 1998, Mercedes V-Boot was the happening car everyone wanted to have then. So some bought it to show that they had arrived. But someone else decided not to buy Mercedes V-Boot, not because buying one is bad, but he wanted to buy the future first before it becomes the present. So in 1998, he bought 2019 for less than N200,000. Now, the future has become the present, a plot of land in Maroko which is now known as Oniru sells for between N130m – N200m. Now, the future has now become the present, those who bought Mercedes V-Boot then, can no longer afford the present. 

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My question to you is, what are you buying? Are you buying the Future or Present?

Why not Buy the Future today? MapleWoods Estate Ibeju Lekki is the future. And it is currently selling for N650,000. I am directly involved.

Instant allocation for outright purchase.

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Maple woods Ibeju Lekki

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