8 Things You Ought To Know in Your StartUp First Year

Startup first year

Running a Startup? Well, it’s stressful, but not THAT stressful in comparison.

But there are things you need to know about your first year as a startup CEO. Here are seven things I learned in my first year as a startup CEO:

A. Everything starts with building your team:

Team building. Focus on quality over quantity. Make sure each and every employee is smart, passionate, has integrity, and fits the company culture.

Your job as CEO, especially that first year, is “Recruit, recruit, recruit” and “Sell, sell, sell.” You should be spending around 50% of your time recruiting.

Those first employees you hire will set the tone for the rest of the company’s life. You are in great shape if you hire high quality that fit your culture people right from the start.

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Oh, and make sure you, the CEO, interview each new hire. Personally, I would suggest interviewing at least the first 50 employees you bring into your company.

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